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Innovative Thinking 

Driving Exponential Results

People. Purpose. Power. Results.

What is holding you back? What is holding your organization back from realizing maximum potential? At Impackt Squared Solutions, we assist individuals and organizations with uncovering the root cause of what is holding them back from realizing their full potential. These techniques have aided individuals in securing promotions, enabled them to build stronger relationships and supported idea generation that resulted in multi-million dollar, double digit percentage growth for an organization. 

Our signature program at this time is the Ryan Pack-led "Six Figure Spirit - Power Moves" online course one can view HERE

When PEOPLE are empowered to identify the thinking and behaviors that increase our sense of PURPOSE, we better express our unique POWER, adding value and delivering superior RESULTS in every area of our lives. 



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Key Areas of Service

Savvy Careerists

Are you struggling to figure out how to win in the corporate arena? Are you earning the salary you really want? Are you living the life you really want to live? Join us and let's grow together!

NOTE: We have temporarily suspended the "Savvy Careerists" Facebook group to focus on other areas. We will update the website when the group has been restored.



We assist organizations with taking charge of their current results (ex. sales, performance, operations etc.) and transforming them into the results that they want.

In addition to transformational training programs, we also support companies develop sound and innovative diversity strategies. Innovative diversity strategies can increase your companies bottom line by as much as 30% or more. With the increasing government and public scrutiny surrounding diversity initiatives, you can't leave this planning to chance. We not only uncover some of the hidden reasons why most diversity initiatives fail but we assist corporations in developing diversity strategies that deliver results.  

Individuals/Entrepreneurs/Small Business

What if you had less stress and worry about making ends meet because you successfully executed a custom career or business plan? 

Develop practical strategies and tactics with the Ryan Pack-led "Six Figure Spirit - Power Moves" online course HERE



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